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Boys become teenagers and eventually men, and later on, old men. Their health issues become more complicated and need to be addressed as they age and mature. The most common issues of concern are sexual and reproductive health.

Sexual health can be an embarrassing issue to talk about and a lot of what is discussed is inaccurate and untrue.

Sexual intimacy is important to emotional and psychological health but not essential for physical health. Not having sexual intimacy has no physical or health consequences. However, there are emotional, psychological, physical and health risks to the wrong sexual encounters and practices.

This brief essay does not address sexually transmitted diseases. Instead, this focus will be on illnesses that most men will experience at some time in their lives.

1. Prostate Diseases
The prostate gland is located between the bladder and the base of the penis. It secretes fluid which comes out with ejaculation or orgasm. As men get older, the prostate gland tends to grow larger and sometimes will actually slow down and even block urine from coming from the bladder. This condition is known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). This can lead to infections of the urinary bladder which can be treated with antibiotics.

Prostatitis is an infection or inflammation of the prostate gland. It can be associated with other urinary tract infections or abnormalities of the urinary tract system in the penis. Prostatitis presents with pain in the area of the base of the penis and scrotum near the rectum. There may be fever, chills and painful urination. If these symptoms present, examination and treatment are urgent because it requires antibiotics and possibly hospitalization if not treated early enough.

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be a very frustrating part. There are many factors which contribute to ED some of can be controlled.
Penile erection is controlled by blood flow. Any process that affects blood flow to the penis will affect achieving or maintaining an erection.

Diabetes and cigarettes are the most common causes of decreased blood flow to the penis and causes of ED.

Anxiety and depression and medicines used for treatment of these illnesses can cause ED.

Low Testosterone (Low T) is a natural part of growing older but may also affect men with other illnesses including low thyroid hormone levels. However, it is a natural part of aging and usually presents very slowly.

Inguinal Hernia is a condition of a bulge in the groin region caused by a weakness in the abdominal wall. This is a condition that requires further examination and possibly surgery if there are portions of intestines inside of the hernia.

Scrotal infection may occur spontaneously as tenderness in the testes and will require evaluation by medical staff and treatment with antibiotics.

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