Academic & Clinical Partners

Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine  
Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM) and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health have partnered with MMC as a source for COVID vaccination for thousands of Philadelphians. MMC is also a member of Temple Health System’s Trauma, Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC), helping the community cope with the persistent effects of violence in the community.

LKSOM and the Philadelphia School District are collaborators with MMC to provide COVID vaccinations for Philadelphia public schools. MMC has formed a similar partnership with a major Charter School system in Philadelphia (Mastery). This gives MMC an opportunity to have first-hand input into the health and lives of children and families as we discuss the importance of vaccinations and methods of maintaining healthy life-styles.

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine began a partnership with Miriam Medical Clinics (MMC) in 2021. The fourth year medical students bring the energy and compassion that is peculiar to the Osteopathic ‘whole person’ approach to patient care. Their presence provides our volunteer medical staff the academic credentials of teaching and the obligation to keep on learning. Our community is made richer from this joint collaboration.
The University of the Science/Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 
The University of the Sciences, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, has a longstanding partnership with MMC. It shares its tradition as the oldest College of Pharmacy in the United States and leading member of academic pharmaceutical sciences to enhance the quality of MMC’s multidisciplinary practice. Doctor of Pharmacy candidates train at MMC to enhance their skills as clinical practitioners in the education of our patients on all their medications.
Temple University Health Sciences 
Miriam Medical Clinics, Inc. Sits of the Patient Family Trauma Advisory Board and the Patient Experience Committee of Temple University Hospital. Here we are able to influence community health care at a State of the Art University Medical Center. In this relationship, Miriam Clinics has a steady interchange with hospital officials to steer community health care towards positive outcomes in trauma settings as well as inpatient care.
Why Not Prosper 
Miriam Medical Clinics sits of the “Health Connections for Women in Re-Entry” Board founded by Rev. Michelle Simmons of “Why Not Prosper”. This body is charged with looking at healthcare access for Women being re-integrated with society from the penal system. This remit ranges from awareness of and lobbying for legislation that regulates access for formerly incarcerated women to connecting formerly incarcerated women with health care resources.

BEBASHI, Transition to Hope 
BEBASHI Transition to Hope (Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues) was founded in 1985 with a mission to respond to the many needs of those infected by HIV in Philadelphia. Since then, this agency has developed a remit to respond to other social determinants of health such as food security, homeless and access to care for those infected with Hepatitis-C Virus. Miriam Medical Clinics, Inc. has partnered with BEBASHI to provide primary health care to clients who lack such services.

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