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In a single day in 1918 over 800 citizens of Philadelphia died because of influenza. During that same year, over 700,000 American citizens died.

It is estimated by the CDC that 61,000 Americans will die of influenza during the 2018-2019 season.

Viral illnesses are both seasonal and lifelong. The Influenza virus is a predictable seasonal virus. This spread of this virus can be prevented. The effects of this virus can be controlled. Those at greatest risk of death, the most vulnerable are:

– Those with other chronic conditions

          1. Emphysema, COPD, Asthma
          2. Heart disease
          3. Smokers
          4. Diabetes
          5. Immunocompromise

– The very young, < 12 years
– The elderly > 60 years 

You do not have to be ‘sick’ in order to infect other people with the flu. In fact, if you are in the best of health, you may have the flu and never show signs or symptoms. If you do show signs and symptoms, you are more likely to transmit the flu. However, not being sick does not mean that you are not contagious. Responsible family and community members get immunized to prevent the flu in order to not infect those most vulnerable.

Influenza is an illness that may present as a very mild cough and cold. However, it may also present as pneumonia. The severity of the illness is dependent upon age and other illnesses the person may have.

Treating Influenza is mostly focused on supportive care, with Tylenol and or an anti-inflammatory such as Motrin. Early treatment with an anti-viral medication such as Tamiflu is indicated only for those who present within the 24-48 hours of illness. Tamiflu may also be used for those who have a contraindication for getting immunized against the flu virus. Tamiflu may shorten the length and severity of the infection, however, it should not be used as a substitute for immunization.

Treating influeza also requires adequate rest, intake of fluids by mouth and adequate nutrition. Someone with the virus is contagious for at least one week and maybe more and must avoid public events that put others at risk for developing this illness.Protect your family, community and yourself.

Get Immunized.